Journey So Far: Acheivements of the Dean, Dr. Samuel Nwatu


1. Upgraded the Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN Faculty Boardroom.

2. Named and upgraded the Prof. Gaius Ezejiofor, SAN Departmental Boardroom.

3. Named and upgraded the Prof. Edwin Nwogugu Postgraduate Seminar Room.

4. Named and upgraded the Prof. Dennis Ewelukwa Faculty Lounge

5. Named and upgraded the Justice Chima Centus Nweze Moot Court to international standards.

6. Purchased a brand new 110kva generating set.

7. Purchased a very high-grade Toyota Sienna.

8. Renovated the Faculty general office and the general offices of all the seven Departments in the Faculty of Law.

9. Repainting of the Faculty of Law Administrative Building, the Coscharis Lecture Theatres and Justice Mary Odili Auditorium.

10. Renovated the Dean's Office to an enviable standard.

11 Purchased swivel chairs and visitors chairs for lecturers in the Faculty of Law.

12. For the first time, a well-equipped Law Clinic was established for student and staff clinicians.

13. Created two new offices and four parking stores within the Faculty of Law Administrative Building.

14. Secured approval for establishing the Centre for Energy Law and Policy and created an office for the takeoff.

15. Secured full NUC accreditation at an almost 90% rate.

16. Sponsored staff representatives to the 2022 National Association of Law Teachers Conference

17. Upgraded the facilities and ambience of the Justice Mary Odili Auditorium.

18. Published two editions of the flagship journal of the Faculty of Law, i.e. The Nigerian Juridical Review, Vols. 16 and 17. We have secured the membership of Crossref, an official digital object identifier for the journal. This undoubtedly makes the Nigerian Juridical Review the first Nigerian law journal with DOI.

19. Secured the engagement of two reputed alumni scholars, Professors Obiora Okafor and Uche Ewelukwa as adjunct professors.

20. Commenced the wholistic landscaping project of the Faculty of Law Complex.

21. Sponsored inter-class games for law students in volleyball, basketball and football in 2021.

22. Succesful completion of the Faculty of Law Student Information Management System

23. Creation of The Nigerian Judirical Review Journal website.